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Not Your Average Potato Salad

Labor Day is around the corner and while I’m still not 100% sure what that holiday means, I know I’ll be eating comfort food. This year, things look a little different for cookout season. I know I’ll be sequestered in my house, having yet another meal with my family - but there’s no reason we can’t barbecue.

Everybody loves potatoes, and they’re a staple at any cookout. More specifically, potato salad. Let’s ditch the mayonnaise-drenched grocery store potato salad and make something better. Potatoes don’t have to be empty carbs- in fact they have benefits of their own1. I’ve been adding The GGG House Salad Microgreens Mix to everything lately. The colors of this mix are beautiful, and it’s a great way to get more vitamins and nutrients into my diet. Naturally, this recipe won’t be any different. I’m making a dill potato salad with House Salad Microgreens Mix and Radish Microgreens for a nutrient packed, decadent side dish on Labor Day.


What’s Inside

3 pounds of small red potatoes

1 cup of GGG’s Radish Microgreens

½ cup of GGG’s House Salad Microgreens Mix

A small red onion

½ cup of Olive Oil

The juice of one lemon

½ cup of fresh dill

½ teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning

Salt and pepper to taste


How It’s Made

First things first, wash all of your produce. It’s widely unknown what measures are taken to preserve the fruits and veggies we eat. Your best option, of course, would be to shop locally from farms that use clean, organic farming practices.

You should have three pounds of the smallest little red potatoes you can find. Give those a quick scrub and put them in a medium sized pot in about two inches of cold water. (P.S. Do NOT cut the potatoes before cooking). Bring to a boil.

Once your pot is boiling, season the water with salt to flavor the potatoes as they cook. Leave them boiling for about 12 minutes, then check on them. When you can pierce the potato easily with a fork, take them off the stove. It’s important to strain your potatoes right away so they don’t continue to cook in the hot water. Let the potatoes cool completely.

While the potatoes are cooling, go ahead and chop up your red onion and dill. You can chop your microgreens if you wish, but I don’t think there’s any need as they’re already small! When the potatoes have cooled completely, you can toss all of your greens (and purples) in the bowl with the potatoes.

Now for the dressing. It’s best to use fresh squeezed lemon juice, but if you’re using a bottle, 4 tbsp of lemon juice will do. Stir in olive oil, old bay seasoning, salt and pepper until combined. Drizzle over your mixing bowl and get to mixing!

That’s all there is to it! If you’re looking for a fresh, gorgeous side dish for a Labor Day cook out, look no further! This potato salad won’t be around for leftovers. You don’t have to feel guilty either- these beautiful microgreens are packed with antioxidants that promote good health2. Take a peek at my latest blog post: “5 Reasons You Need to Eat Purples!” to learn about the nutrients packed into these tiny purple microgreens!

Drumroll Please…

microgreens potato salad




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