Giant Gorilla Greens is a company founded on love, & community.

Our Co-Founder, Uday began growing nutrient packed micro greens for his wife Smita, who has a chronic illness. This simple act of love sowed the seeds of their business.

In 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were growing extra microgreens and giving them away to their neighbors. This was their way of supporting their community during a health crisis.

It soon became clear that people loved their greens, and plans to scale & fine tune the growing began.

Since then, Smita has taken over the operations and management of the company, and Uday continues his journey in the tech world.

giant gorilla greens founder

Smita is the Co- Founder and President of Giant Gorilla Greens. After a career in aviation, it took a pandemic to bring her to her calling.

Smita has battled the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic, degenerative illness. She found that eating whole, unprocessed food, and making lifestyle changes can make all the difference in keeping chronic illness at bay. Her mission is to help others like her, by bringing farm fresh, nutrient dense greens to them!

Besides growing food, she is passionate about empowering her team members, and helping each person grow as the company grows.

She enjoys connecting with family & spending time outdoors.


giant gorilla greens

Uday is the Co- Founder of Giant Gorilla Greens. He has always had a passion for growing food, and his dabbling in microgreens sowed the seeds of their business. He is a technology marketing leader, a Dad, and a very handy handyman!

Uday is an avid bird watcher and photographer. He is passionate about all things tech, and has played a huge role in automation at the farm!