Our mission at Giant Gorilla Greens, is to bring nutrient dense, organic micro greens to your door.

We want you to have an authentic farm to table experience when you open a box of our microgreens. Which is why we deliver in less than 24 hours of harvest! You get the most fresh produce, that has not lost its nutrients traveling across the country or ocean to you.



Giant Gorilla Greens was founded by Smita, a pilot and entrepreneur, and Uday, a technology marketing leader.

Smita has battled the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic degenerative illness. She found that eating whole, unprocessed food, and making lifestyle changes is imperative to keeping chronic illness at bay.

Uday has a passion for growing food, and when he discovered the nutrient profile of microgreens, he began growing them for their family.

In 2020, when Covid-19 took over the world, these two started growing some extra microgreens for their friends and neighbors. They soon realized that people wanted to eat these superfoods for reasons similar to their own - to remain healthy!

They developed a home delivery network in the Greater Boston & suburban area, as that was the need of the hour.

The rest is history, as they say!