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Three customer favorites - Broccoli, Kale and Sunflower are your best bet if you're trying microgreens for the first time, or are trying to form better eating habits.

This package is best for starting small, and taking baby steps towards eating healthy. Our survey tells us that three 2 oz packs of each, are great to last you through the week. It's the right amount for most people, and small families!

What makes this efficient is the fact that microgreens are small and can be added to any meal, leaving you a little more full than if you weren't eating them. Fiber rich greens & veggies tend to be lower in calories. Also, fiber’s presence can slow digestion in the stomach to help you feel fuller for longer. You're also packing in a lot more nutrition than you would with regular greens. As per the USDA, microgreens are upto 40% more nutritious than full grown vegetables or greens.

Grown right here in MA! Eating local food means the time between farm to table is short, and food maintains all or most of its vital nutrients. At Giant Gorilla Greens, we deliver your food in less than 24 hours of harvest.

Microgreens are so versatile, and in this subscription you get a neutral tasting kale that pairs well with any meal! A nutty sunflower that is great for pestos, smoothies or by themselves as a snack! And broccoli that's a huge favorite among health nuts!

Breakfast suggestion: Egg white omelet, with avocado and microgreens on an everything bagel.

Lunch suggestion: Grilled sandwich (with protein of your choice) with a side of microgreens and fruit salad. Salad dressing suggestion: Maple tahini dressing

This subscription contains the following three boxes:

2 oz Kale Microgreens

2 oz Sunflower Microgreens

2 oz Broccoli Microgreens

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