House Microgreens Mix


Superfood House Microgreens Mix

This beautiful microgreens blend is a foodie favorite on every plate. If a bunch of microgreens had a party at a restaurant, it would most certainly be a table full of Superfood House Micro Mix!

As colorful as it is flavorful, this blend combines shades of green, red and purple. This mix is made up of kale, arugula, broccoli, kohlrabi, red amaranth, purple radish and basil microgreens!

Sprinkle some on the top or side of any plate to elevate your dining experience.

Bonus: it’s a power-packed with nutrition, bursting with disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Tasting notes: Vibrant, herby & bright, with an after taste of earthy freshness

We love them in….

  • Make-Your-Own Green Board: Design a board with your favorite fruits, veggies, & spreads, garnished with House Micro Mix.
  • Super Fancy Pasta Dinner: Sprinkle on homemade pasta with wild mushrooms and truffles. 
  • Butternut Squash Soup: Complement sweet squash soup with herby House microgreens.

What Makes Superfood House Micro Mix Green … & Great

  • Locally Grown in MA
  • Zero Pesticides
  • 100% Organic Soil, Seeds & Fertilizer
  • Sustainably Farmed in our Indoor Vertical Farm
  • Up To 40% More Nutrition Than Full Grown Veggies (per the USDA)
  • Harvested At Peak Nutrition, Hours Before Reaching Your Table