Fabulous Five - Family Size

Size: 12 oz

*this box is available for weekly/ biweekly/ monthly subscription only!

Get a blast of nutrition with five of your favourite microgreens in one large box!

Eating more greens has never been easier, or more efficient!

Microgreens are perfect for getting mega nutrition in a compact form.

With this box, you are guaranteed the most fresh, crunchy, aromatic greens that will accompany your meals.

This food is on your plate within hours of being harvested - thus retaining all of their vital nutrients, giving you the maximum benefit

Extremely high in anti oxidants, these superfoods fight disease, boost immunity, delay ageing, can aid in weight loss and stop just short of transforming you into a real superhero!


With 33% savings - there is immense value right here!


2 oz Kale Microgreens

2 oz Arugula Microgreens

2 oz Broccoli Microgreens

4 oz Sunflower Microgreens

2 oz Radish Microgreens

Dimensions of the box: 12 inches X 8 inches X 4 inches

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