Superhero Kids Mix

6.0 oz

Crunchy pea shoots & sweet sunflower microgreens make up this mix put together for toddlers, pre teens, or just anyone that's looking for another way to eat more greens!

Pea & Sunflower shoots are a great way to introduce greens to young children! They have been incorporated into several child care and pre school programs with great success!

As far as plant protein goes, these two are the cream of the crop.

1 cup of Sunflower microgreens contain 20 grams of protein. Sunflower microgreens are one of the few complete plant proteins, which means they deliver all of the essential amino acids the body needs to grow. 

1 cup of pea microgreens contain 4 grams of protein. Did you know that these contain 7 times more vitamin C than blueberries, making up 50% of RDA of vitamin C! These also also high in iron, covering 10% of the RDA!

These two power packed microgreens are a wonderful addition to a morning green smoothie, or juice!

Did you know that according to the USDA, microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutrition than full grown plants/ vegetable? 

Based on the above, we always say that microgreens are ideal for children, as they get a lot more nutrition, without needing to eat a ton of greens. It is a total ninja parent move!

To learn more about sunflower microgreens, head over to our blog!

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