giant gorilla greens rewards program

Our Rewards Program is available to subscribers that sign up for weekly and biweekly recurring deliveries! 

The highlights of our rewards program are:

  • Receive a FREE product each month, of items that go well with microgreens, like salad dressings, spreads, cheeses, speciality micro herbs and so on. 
  • Each subscriber gets 10% off their first order, and 5% off each subsequent order!
  • Free Delivery in the Greater Boston area & surrounding suburbs.

We would love to hear from YOU about what products you'd like to receive, please send your suggestions to:

*This program is available to subscribers that signs up for recurring deliveries - weekly, and biweekly.

* To opt out, please email us with your name and order number.


Placing recurring orders on hold

You can place your deliveries on hold if you are traveling or need to take a break. You can 'skip' a week any time by logging in to your account! 


Canceling recurring orders

You can cancel deliveries any time. In order to do so, please let us know via email or log into your account and cancel your subscription. Your subscription must be canceled 7 days ahead of when your order is set to recur. 

We cannot offer refunds for orders that are canceled on the day they recur.